Staysafe is the real-time exposure notification app that is committed to ensuring that we provide a closed-loop safe environment for tenants, employees and visitors through powerful location data that is a 24/7 solution that fuses physical and digital to drive innovation and peace of mind. Corporate enterprise can measure and manage Covid-19 or any other specified exposure risk through Staysafe.

● Maintains a record of the movement and contact between visitors and employees within buildings and on your business premises.

● In case any employee or visitor reports an infection, the app allows you to tag verified people at any point in time.

● The data model replays the visitor flow and simulates the likely spread of the virus by tracing back contact based on proximity and time taking the current WHO assumptions into account.

● The app traces location breadcrumbs and highlights spaces occupied and dwell time.

● Smart algorithms calculate Exposure-Risk-Ranking outcome to help inform people and guide facility sanitation response.

● The app predicts the infection risk of visitors and employees.

● The user receives weekly compliance reports.

About Us


● Cross Platform BLE, Wifi & GPS movement & social contact tracking.

● Self Diagnosis & reporting.

● OTP User verification & encrypted profiles.

● Privacy preserving voluntary Covid-19 self-reporting platform.

● Social tracking app with important alerts and notifications.

● In-house Hr Support & Medical Contact Centre.

● Information & Corporate Communication.

● Donation Friendly.

● Volunteer Registration.

● Reporting system for mass gatherings.

● Shopping

● Whitelabel, Modular & Brand Friendly